A young female checker was working the express lane at a local store, when an older- no, when a ‘mature’ gentleman began to unload his cart of groceries. It was obvious to the girl that he had not paid attention to the sign which said, ” 9 Items Or Less”. Rather coldly, the checker sneered, “Dude! You have way too many groceries, like over 21! Do you know what “over 21″ means, Dude“?

     Still placing his groceries on the counter, the man responded: “Of course I know what “over 21” means. Let me tell you.”

“It takes over 21 minutes each morning when I wake up, just to find my pulse, to see if I am still alive or not.”

“Then I wash down over 21 different medications with over 21 ounces of liquid my doctor has told me I have to drink.”

“I have had over 21 operations or surgeries and have several scars over 21 inches long.”

“I have misplaced or lost over 21 pairs of glasses and when I do have a pair, I have to hold the paper over 21 inches away. Even then, it needs to be in over 21 font size, just so I can read it.”

“I have over 21 teeth in my mouth which are not my original teeth.”

“I have a little over 21 hairs per square inch on my balding head.”

“Sometimes, I have to be called over 21 times before I answer because I don’t hear so well anymore.”

“Every year, I replace over 21 batteries in my hearing aids.”

“When I listen to the radio, I have to turn the volume up to over 21 because of my hearing aids.”

“I have fought in over 21 battles for my country and have seen over 21 of my buddies lost in those battles.”

“I have gained over 21 pounds in the last few years which has caused me to put in over 21 holes in my belt.”

“Yes, I’d say I know a little something about what ’over 21’ means! Now, I’m going to ask you something”.

“If I out-live my third wife, the one to whom I have been married to for over 21 years- if I decide I want to get remarried, are you over 21, Dudette”!?

The checker’s only reply was; “Clean up on express lane”!

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