I went walking a few days ago around Aloha, Oregon, which is almost a part of Portland, Oregon.  My goal was to capture some of the fall colors and whatever else I came across.  Here is what I found. 

I believe this is a Sumac tree.  

 I was not the only one who was out and about trying to capture something on a foggy fall day in November.

What looks like maggots or grubs are actually what had fallen off of a tree.

Only a few more days and all the leaves will fall off.

Apples take on such a nice color and flavor as the nights get cooler and cooler.  People are not the only ones to love apples.  Worms do too.

I pass under this bridge every work day and the seasons, the time of day and the amount of sunlight gives it a different look at different times.

It was going to be a day of fogginess and less fogginess then more fogginess…..  Sure made the dead weeds look neat against their backdrop.

The needles were dying and changing their colors.

I’m sitting in my car in the parking lot of where I work as a city bus driver.

I began to snap more shots just about a mile from work.

 The reds were quite vibrant.

This is just a few miles away from my bus garage and is part of my route in Lake Oswego, Oregon. 

A mushroom managed to catch some rain and hold it for quite a while.

This mushroom is quite common in certain locations.  Where there is one, there will be many more.

These mushrooms had surfaced not much earlier before the day I saw them.

A worms eye view of mushrooms.

 I always hope the fall colors never stop but I know they won’t last.

After a branch was trimmed off, the heart left behind “bleeds” tree sap.

These Canadian Geese were not to fond of close-ups.  I had to be careful where I walked because as the geese eat grass, it quickly passes through them and they leave many droppings.

Looking more like a spoked wheel, this mushroom cap had been knocked off by something other than me.

This group of mushrooms made me think of sliced bananas that were starting to turn brown.

More colors.

I was actually trying to capture the moisture on the spider’s web not even realizing at the time that the spider was also in the picture.

Fall is a beautiful time of year.

The different colored leaves in the background and the early morning silence of the cemetery and the fog was more fascinating than eerie to me.

 A walk down a tree-lined road gave me a real sense of peace.

One of several feathers I saw around the pond at the cemetery. 

 I love the trees on the other side of the pond.  Too bad they were on private property.

 This tree was interesting enough on its own but to me, it looks like another kind of tree is trying to crowd into the center of the picture.

The early morning humidity stuck to the spider webs in its crown.

 A cemetery next to a pond is a serene setting.

These two leaves were suspended by a spiderweb and gently twirled in the breeze.  If you magnify and look closely, you can see the web.

If I was right about Sumac, here is more Sumac.

From the top looking down on a four-foot high “tree”.

These leaves reminded me of fillets of Salmon drying in the sun.

I thought these were nuts but when I squished one, it was gooey and sticky and filled with seeds.

I believe this is a Lace Leaf Maple.

They look like velvet and feel like velvet too.

This apple was very appealing to the birds.

This jogger ran right out of their shoe and judging by the moss growing on it, it was quite a while back.

It was great finding a rose so late in the year.  I thought it was about to open but upon closer inspection, I discovered that something had bored a hole in the side of the bloom.

An old, abandoned manufactured home park was at one time wired for sound or phones or something.

Though most of this plant was dying or dead, a few spears still held beautiful flowers.

 Another ‘soft as velvet’ plant.

This may not be the Yellow Brick Road but I found it interesting that the moss filled in the cracks of the driveway making it look like a cobble stone street. 

This was no ‘turkey in the straw’ but a turkey in the bushes.  I was glad to find it again because I had discovered it about two years previously and had re-hid it.

The day is getting ready to come to an end.

And a glorious end it was!


3 responses to “FALL IN OREGON

  1. These were all lovely, even the one with the humungous spider! lol I love your sense of artistry and the way you see so much beauty all around you.

  2. oh wow dad…you should consider making some of these into postcards or greeting cards! I love what you do wiht your pictures! I think God gave you a sense of the wonder and neatness that sometimes other people overlook… thanks for sharing!!!

  3. These are beautiful. I always wondered what fall looked like in Oregon. Thanks for sharing!

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